Library Lovers’ Month: Mildred Herron

Library Lovers’ Month: Mildred Herron

Mildred Herron, the founder of St. Albert Public Library, was born on this day in 1904.

She taught elementary school for 45 years, many of those in St. Albert. Mildred was a charter member of the St. Albert Women’s Institute, launching the library in 1947 with only 50 books in the back of the egg grading shop. She led the library with a team of WI women until 1961, when the Town finally formed a library board, then served as a board member for 6 years and trained the first paid librarian.

Mildred believed that with books and education, you could expand your mind and be anything. She did all kinds of things for the library: from painting shelves to sorting through donated books in her living room, from hosting card party fundraisers to canvassing shopkeepers to host the library’s book collection.

Those who knew her remark that she was a hardworking, quiet woman and a wonderful teacher. In celebration of Library Lovers’ Month, we honour Mildred Herron today.

Mother would have been thrilled to see the progress of the library over the past decades… She was all about children learning to appreciate and enjoy the library.

Bill Herron, son of Mildred Herron

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